Music Making with ICT

We worked with Mr Gilmore in the afternoon and used lots of different ICT music programs and equipment.

We played on some fantastic drums called a synthesiser pad.


I liked the drums where you move your hand across it and it made different noises – Emily.

You could make the drum make a sound in midair – Fin


I liked it when you go like that (hand movements) with your hands to make music – Lara

We also enjoyed using an instrument where you had to place your hands near a stick and it made whirly high pitched noises and the pitch changed by the movement of your hand.


We had great fun experimenting with the different sound effects on the ‘Mixcraft 4’ and the ‘Dancejay’ programmes. We all liked the different features:

  • I liked the singing on the program – Fin
  • I liked creating all different kinds of music – Jordan
  • I liked the program with the beatbox – James
  • I liked the alien voice – Jasmine


We had a great afternoon and learnt lots about music.
I liked the whole day – Sophie

Thank you very much Mr Gilmore!

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