Compton and Up Marden Primary School    AFRICAN DRUMMING Jan 19th

ThomasABeckettMiddle School              Stomp Percussion Workshop Feb 2nd

                                                                              Music and I.C.T. Club    (Spring Term)

W.M.C.S                                                             Music Workshop 

StorringtonFirstSchool                              African Drumming 

Brighton                                                            African Drumming

FloraMcDonaldSchool                                Egyptian Drumming

Davisons Ukulele Orchestra

 Worthing High School                                  African drumming

Thomas a Beckett FirstSchool                    Samba   Band  and Childrens Parade

Thomas a Beckett Middle School              Ukulele Orchestra

St MarksSchool Hadlow Down                   Australian Music Workshop

Heene First School                                            African drumming/Egyptian drumming Workshops

Broadwater C of E School                           Egyptian drumming Workshop

HurstgreenPrimary School                       Samba Workshop

Junk Percussion Birthday Party              SevenOaks  Kent

Arundel C of E primary School              Junk Percussion Workshop

High Hurstwood Primary School           African Drumming

St Philips School Uckfield                        African Drumming

Davisons High School                                African Drumming

Chanctonbury Play Scheme                  Junk Percussion and Drumming  Workshops

Littlehampton (SPACE)  EVENT         Junk Music Workshops

Various Workshops for The Cubs and Scouts

Highfield Junior School                       African drumming
Springfield First School                        Ukulele Club
Thomas A Beckett Middle School     Ukulele Club and music and Ict club
                                                                        Performances at Wukulele music festival
Rocks Park Primary School                 African Drumming Workshop
Thomas A Beckett Primary School   Egytian drumming
St Andrews School Nuthurst               Egyptian drumming
Annecy Primary School                        Music and ICT and African drumming
KIDSMANAGEMENT                             Junk Percussion and Drumming workshop
Baldwins Hall School and Halsford Park School  Junk Percussion Workshop

Springfield First School                         Australian Music Workshop

 St Pauls Primary School                     Australian Music Workshop

AlfristonPrimary school                      African Drumming Workshop

Worthing Scouts                                       Ukulele Workshop

CyningtonPrimary School                  Junk Percussion Music Workshops

St Anthonys School Chichester          Ausralian Music  / Junk Percussion Workshop

Thomas a Beckett Middle School      Indian Drumming Workshop

Eastergate Primary School                Australian Music Workshop

Artistic Recylcling Company    Music Production using junk percussion

St Marks School Staplefield        Junk Percussion Music Workshop

East Preston                                     African Drumming

WMCS                                                 Junk Percussion

Littlehampton Town Council   African Drumming

1st FindonValley Cubs              African Drumming

Chanctonbury Playscheme for Children With Special Needs    African drumming/ Junk Percussion