Music can be great Therapy for everyone, especially the elderly and people with learning disabilities.

I often go to day centres and Nursing Homes and deliver music sessions which can last upto 2 hours.

The sessions involve a range of fun  interactive musical activities which everyone can be involved in and enjoy.

A typical music session will usually include:

Singing  and accompanying a range of songs performed on the trumpet, Ukulele, Guitar and other instruments

Accompanying songs using a range of percussion instruments and Ukuleles

Composing ‘soundscapes’ using a range of percussion instruments

‘Call and response’ games

Dancing and movement (depending on ability)

Listening to music they enjoy being played ‘live’ and also using CD’S.

World Music


All activities are adaptable to meet the requirements of the clients and involve everybody in a fun and interactive way.

I also deliver music workshops and activities in Children’s centres.

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Buddys Music Group (The BMG’S)


Whoopsadaisy (Children with Cerebral Palsy and Motor disorders).

Whoopsadaisy Sussex Music-4

Worthing Kids and Dapper Snappers


Please contact me for more information.